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Days for Girls Club--Volunteer your time and skills to help girls world-wide! Longmont

This project was started 10 years ago to help girls who couldn't attend school during their period because they didn't have sanitary supplies. They would sit on cardboard or in a tent during that time. "Days For Girls" is an organization that has volunteers across the country who make "personal hygiene kits" out of flannel, PUL, and cotton to provide re-usable products for these young women to make it feasible for them to attend school and gracefully continue with their daily lives during that time.

Double Flip Shoulder Bag - Longmont

Make it casual or elegant, this awesome bag will be your new favorite. Lots of pockets and room, with a shoulder strap, the finished size is 13" at the top, tapered to 12" at the base, 10" high when folded, and 3-1/4" deep. Add the hardware kit and a "Handmade" metal label available at Maggie's and you will have a gorgeous designer bag!

Fun with Feet! Longmont

This free lecture-demo will let you explore the fabulous presser feet available for your Baby Lock. We'll pick a few feet each month to explore.

Oct 22
Sew Ed-Fort Collins
Oct 24
Learn to Sew! Sewing 101 for Beginners -- Longmont
Oct 27
Double Flip Shoulder Bag - Longmont