Give your quilting projects the royal treatment on the Regalia-Baby Lock's largest longarm machine yet! With 20" of workspace and a lightning-fast 2,500 stitches per minute, the Regalia is ready to easily finish quilts of any size. It features a built-in Stitch Regulator and Precision Stitch mode that ensures smooth, precise stitching for a harmonious finish.

Technology Features
•20" wide workspace to right of needle 9" high 
• Needle Beam
• 7"color touchscreen (add the Pro-Stitcher® and use that tablet for your machine display instead)
• Lighting LED Menu-controlled Lighting for on/off throat space lighting, needle bar lighting, and bobbin light
• Stitch Control features for perfectly-balanced stitches
   o 1/4" Interchangebable hopping foot holds down the fabridc while the needle completes the stitch
• Manual Stitch Mode allows manual operation of the machine at a pre-selected needle speed
• Stitch Regulator is built-in and regulates your selected stitch length from 4 to 24 stitches per inch
   o Precision Stitch regulated mode follows your lead and is best for ruler work and tracing patterns
   o Cruise Stitch regulated mode allows the needle to immediately begin stitching at the precent speed chosen
• Quick-Set Tension makes setting upper thread tensions and remembering tension settings easier
• Upper thread break sensor
• Automatic Needle Positioning
   o Needle Up/Down
   o Full Stitch and Half Stitch -programs the needle to take a half stitch or full stitch when the needle up/down 
button is pressed
• Basting options in both Cruise and Precision modes allow you to base layers every 1/4", 1/2", 1", 2" or 4"
• Five convenient built-in tie-off stitches for the beginning and end of quilting
• Maximum sewing speed of 2,500 spm
• Save your preferred speed settings with three customizable presets
• Ergonomic front handles are independently adjustable with integrated micro handles for easy control 
and less fatigue and are programmable
• Easy-to-reach rubber grips for comfort 
• Large, color LCD Display shows: 
   o Stitch Regulator and Manual modes  
   o Multiple LED Lighting options  
   o Onscreen hand wheel  
   o Memory settings  
   o Needle speed  
   o Alarm mode  
   o Calculator  
   o Timers  
   o Program settings  
   o Stitch counters  
   o Diagnostics  
   o Low bobbin estimator
• Handle Bar Control Buttons at your fingertips
   o Needle Up/Down
   o Start/Stop
   o Speed Up
   o Speed Down
• Front Power Switch for easy access
• Easy needle change with ergonomic thumb screw
• Uses 134R system, slight ball point needle
• High-speed rotary hook
• "M" Class Bobbin
• Low bobbin estimator warns you when you are running low on bobbin thread
• Store three bobbin thread capacity settings based on your preferred thread
• External electric bobbin winder with variable speeds lets you wind your own "M" bobbins 
with personally selected threads
• Two timers
   o Reminder can be set to alarm after a period of time
   o Project timer tracks time spent on a quilt project
• Can use patterns, stencils, threads, 1/4" thck rulers and templates that commercial quilters use
Additional Information
• Pro-Stitcher ready - all necessary cabling is pre-installed inside
• 2 USB type A ports
• Thread spool post and thread mast are conveniently placed for easier access
• 4 Languages (English, Spanish, French, German)
• Quiet/smooth operation
• Solid cast-aluminum construction
• Internal DC motor
• Machine weight in box = 88 lbs.
• Designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.A.
• Warranty: 10-year casting parts, 5-year parts, 5-year circuit boards, 5-year electrical, 90-day labor

Optional Accessories
• Kinetic Frame (BLKF)
• Kinetic Frame 2-foot extension (BLKF-EXT)
• Frame Casters (BLQM-CASTER)
• Pro-Stitcher Quilting Software (BLPS4-RG)
• Love of Sewing Membership (BLRG20-LOSM)
• Rear Handle Bars and Laser Light Stylus Set (BLRG20-RHK)
• Ruler Base (BLRG20-RB)
• Horizontal Spool Pin (BLJ18-HS)
• Baby Lock Leader Cloths (BLQL)
• Grace Start Right Cloth Leaders (GFCL & GFCL-12)
• Adapter & Stylus Holder (BLJ18-SA)
• Stylus (BLJ18-ST)
• Pattern Boards (BLJ-PB1 through BLJ-PB14)
• Channel Lock (BLJ18-CL)
• 1/4" Ruler and Echo Foot Set 3/8", 1/2" & 3/4" (BLQ-REFS)
• 1/4" Acrylic Ruler Set (BLRK-HSLA)
• Glide Foot (BLQ-GF)
• Creative Couching Set (BLQ-CCF)
• Bobbins (BLJ-BOB)
• Needles:
   o Size 12 - Item #134FG-80
   o Size 14 - Item #134FG-90
   o Size 16 - Item #134FG-100
   o Size 18 - Item #134FG-110
   o Size 20 - Item #134FG-125

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